From this section, we want to share, about several projects accumulated throughout our history, those who represent a comprehensive way for various reasons, a reference to an illustrative example for those organizations who wish to use technology as a shift lever and dynamic engine of their operations, enabling them to identify themselves needs and see how they were solved by our solutions and services at some point in time. Our aim is to incorporate every day, new examples of customers that allow us to illustrate the types of projects in which we participate, and the business solutions we provide.

Success stories

    •     Acciona Logística ...Integral logistics as a business requires us to be able to provide a wide variety of services, both at domestic, international, multimodal transport operations and broad segmentation, parcel, distribution, full load, groupage or freight as warehousing, transport room or refrigerated temperature. So we need an ERP that can provide coverage for all our activities in an integrated way. Choosing M.SOFT as partner, was key to achieving this goal, with global ERP solutions further integrated with our corporate SAP with full warranty. D. Jordi Bondia / ACCIONA LOGÍSTICA's IT Manager ... >>
    •     Car Volum ...Excellence in service as a company vocation, makes CAR VOLUM a reference in the segment of transportation and logistics. To this end and as one of the strategic pillars of value contribution to our customers, we apply the latest technology in all our processes, anticipating the needs of the sector and satisfying the highest expectations of the market. With M.SOFT as a partner, we achieve this goal in technology comprehensively and always be at the forefront of information systems for transport and logistics. D. Joaquín Rodrigo / CAR VOLUM's Managing Partner ... >>
    •     Conforama ...Logistics has always been a key factor in the differentiation of companies and a key success factor in their survival. The decision-making process related to all processes of Transportation Management is for CONFORMA a strategic boost of our competitiveness. In this way the investment on a TMS, has managed to lay the groundwork of our efficiency Logistics, automating most processes to focus on analyzing information, gaining visibility, integration with third parties, anticipation and continuous improvement. D. Marc Segarra / CONFORAMA's Logisitcs Manager ... >>
    •     Grupo Familia ...We needed to integrate all our freight flows from a single platform, which could support the high and heterogeneous complexity of our business, automate our planning tasks and allow us to add value to the logistics activity of transport, being able to improve control, visibility and anticipation in the chain and efficiency in the planning and optimization of loads and routes. With M.SOFT TMS we have found either our objectives and reached our expectations. D. Diego Luis Saldarriaga / FAMILIA GROUP's Supply Chain VP ... >>
    •     GTO (Grupo Trans Onuba) ...Our business requires constant innovations in technology, to make our operations more competitive and to complement our value contribution to our customers. M.SOFT Worldwide is more than a supplier, proven a reliable partner, with whom we realize every day our objectives for Information Systems. Mrs. Remedios Ramírez / GTO's Managing Director ... >>
    •     Sertrans ...We provide our customers a wide range of transportation and storage services, so we need an Information System that comprehensively can give us coverage to the different types of traffic and logistics processes, able to manage and provide complete visibility on supply chain which SERTRANS operates, guaranteeing our customers the control and traceability of their goods. M.SOFT is the partner, with whom we can maintain our commitment to excellence with our clients on technology applied to our operations. D. Santiago Bosquet / SERTRANS's Managing Director ... >>
    •     Transaher …The need to combine the best technological elements with an extensive knowledge of integrated logistics, transport and storage processes, make the choice of M.SOFT Worldwide as a partner, a clear achievement in order to obtain both values ​​together with those who give us the achievement of our strategic objectives, differentiation and satisfation to the expectations of our customers. Mrs. Mari Luz Cobos / TRANSAHER's Group Managing Director ... >>

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